Closure Wig Frontal Wig WIGS

PH Wigs are great for many reasons. If you are on a natural journey, need a protective style, or you need more versatility in your life, or just love playing dress up there is a PH wig available for you. We like to think we offer the right balance you need on whatever journey you might be on. We offer wigs that provide different maintenance levels for your schedule.

Not everyone has the time to lay a frontal and not everyone is into closures. We offer both wig types and can create whatever style for your PH hair balance.

I started wearing wigs for multiple reasons but the main benefit to wearing a wig for me is the flexibility it offers me. I choose to have short term commitments to my wigs and switch after a few days so that is why I chose to make my wigs the way I create them. They are created to be very sturdy but require absolutely NO CLIPS, COMBS, or GLUE. All you have to do is put it on and GO.

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